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           The former of our company is Wenzhou Hade machinery co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of box folder gluer machines. We ourselves design, produce, sell and develop. We were established in 2007,in 2019 moved and now located in Pengyue ind zone Pengxi town Taishun county Wenzhou city Zhejiang province China, our factory has 15000m2.The main production of paste box varieties are: inspection / paste box machine, unit paste box / paste box machine, cardboard / corrugated four hexagon folder folder machine, cardboard / corrugated correction lock folder gluer, correction / pre-fold Lock bottom folder gluer, pre-fold/lock bottom folder gluer, pre-folding (correction) folder gluer, high-speed automatic folder-gluer with pre-folding bottom type, pre-folding high-speed automatic folder-gluer, single side sticker High-speed automatic folder gluer, automatic plastic box machine, automatic paper delivery machine. The main production of all kinds of high-end automatic folder-gluing machine specifications, including: FG-800JP/FG-1000JP series, FG-1200/1500/1700/2100/2300/2800 unit type paste box / paste box machine series, FG-1500 series, FG-1200 series, FG-800 series, FG-580 series, FG-600/800 automatic plastic box machine series and SZ-500 delivery machine series.

           Based on the enterprise spirit of “Inheritance, Innovation, Transcendence and Dedication”, Halde Company manufactures a variety of specifications and functions with the business philosophy of “Quality is life, integrity is guarantee, service is eternal”. The high-speed folding folder-gluer can meet customers' various production needs and provide customers with a variety of complex box-type solutions. The excellent quality, excellent performance and affordable price of Hald folder-gluer products are well received by customers at home and abroad. Products sell well all over the country, exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.

      In the future, we will continue to increase the research and development strength of the folder gluer products, continue to innovate, and constantly surpass ourselves. With high-quality products and good services, we will contribute to the development of the printing and packaging industry! All "Halde people" look forward to: work with you to create brilliant!

    Enterprise's goal:

    Become a leading company in the folder-gluing industry with innovative capabilities.

    Create a best foreign trade product supplier.

    Our Mission:

    Provide customers with safe, advanced and affordable products

    Enterprise spirit:


    Innovation model Innovation products Innovation management Innovation marketing Innovation services


    Delivering on promises (colleagues customer service)


    Work standardization (technical management service)

    development of

    Employees, customers, and enterprises win together

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