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    FG-600D/800DInspection Machine


    • Feeder

      Equipped with vibrating motor.

      With independent transmission, low noise, with frontadjustable wheels, max working capacity can beachieved.

      Feeding knives and left and right registers fixing barare controlled up and down by pneumatic systemeasily. Feeding knifes are equipped with pneumaticmechanism for smoother feeding.

      Air suction is optional.

    • Alignment

      In this section, we have another structure for option: creasingwheels, especially used for E corrugated boxes which do nothave good die cutting.

    • Pre-Folding Section

      The first creasing line (lft flap) could be 180°pre-foldedat high speed.

      After being pre-folded, boxes will quickly open.

      In this 2.3meter long pre-folding section, the top carriersare separated and removable for some special boxes.

      Wide left bottom belt, avoiding marks leaving onto the boxes.

      Perfect pre-folding unit for the flaps.

    • Lock Bottom Section

      Lock bottom assembly mechanism with high elastichookers is of ideal design, fast and easy operation.

      Modular-design lock -bottom section reduces the boxchange-overtime, enhances the installing andchanging time for the parts.

      Lock-bottom section of modular design reducesthe adjusting time for different boxes, and enhancesthe change-over time for installing attached parts.

      Safety window is optional.

    • Wave Folding Section

      Easy change between wave folding and normal lockbottom function, wave folding unit has more flexibility,and increase jobs range, convenient operation.

      Much faster setting on wave folding than normal lockbottom unit, less noise caused during high-speedproduction, more durable.

      When working with CD boxes, no need the turn-over plateto fold the flap.

      Imported folding belts (NITTA ) and V-belt, motorizedmoving inner carriers.

      One or two wave. foldina unit is ontional.

    • 4/6 Corner Section

      All types and most sizes of 4&6 corner boxes can be quicklyset up.

      The inclined frame can be adjusted according to the papersize of the paper box.

      45° guide plate, suitable for all carton sizes.

      The running track of the modular folding hook enables high-speed and high-quality production.

    • Lower Gluing Tank

      Big-volume design, when the machine is running at highseed, the glue will not go out or leaking. optional bottleis good for long time operation.

      Glue tank is easily taken out for cleaning.

      Glue could be micro-adjusted by the scraper.

    • Folding Section

      Suitable for small boxes, finished width: 35mm.

      Left, right or both foldingEquipped with speed variator for belts, ensure thefolded boxes parallel and in good order.

      Fast,convenient adjustment and operation can foldboxes perfectly.

      Cover on both sides is optional.

    • Transfer Section

      Independent motor running, faster speed and complete control.

      Pneumatic box kicker is equipped.

      Suitable for complicated box shape.

      Belts in this section could be easily tensioned and adjustedfor different boxes.

    • Control Panel

      Can store up to 5000 working settings.

      15 " colorful touch screenConvenient for the operator to operate, intuitive setting.

      Automatic positioning and remote control.

    • Conveyor

      Pneumatic pressure increasing, speed and pressure canbe independently adjusted, pressure could be a bitincreased on boxes, so the finished boxes will be morebeautiful.

      The front section of conveyor can be coordinated withoverlapping and jogger devices to move up and downsuitably.

      Pneumatic squaring device, jogger device are optional.





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